pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

OSX Good Info -- Screen Shot

Mac user nightcrawler88 inquired in appleworld:

Here's one that's been bugging me ever since OSX came out-

OS9 had a handy "print window" function that would allow you to print the contents of an open window, very handy for printing directories. Now whenever I make a data disk at work with many files, the only way I have to print a disk directory is to make a screen shot- and if there's more files than fit in the window, i'm screwed. I've looked in vain for a "print directory" command in Toast, but no luck.

Any help?

Answered damnspynovels cogently: Command - Shift - 4 and you'll get a cross hair.

hit the space bar and it'll change to a camera... hit the mouse button and it'll take a grab of the active window.

Mac user nightcrawler88
Tested, and it takes a screenshot of the active window, yes. What I want is to print a directory of the info in the window- if a window has 200 files, they won't all fit on the screen at the same time.

Piped up talus21:�

Here's a few ideas I found on apples discussion page. You might poke around there to find something that works for you.
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