pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Reflection: In service day.

Reflection: In service day.

Being a free association exercise.

Off topic.

Band instructor thinking about marching band instead of reading...

Natural enough.

Marching band.

Marching to the beat of a different drum.

Beating your own drum.

Drums along the Mohawk.


Tums for the tummy. I shouldn't have eaten that excellent piece of chocolate cake for lunch after the wild turkey sandwich left in the teacher's lounge for anyone who wanted them.

My brother turned 53 today. We've basically stopped telling him he was born a day early... :-)

I got his wife's email from my sister, and sent her: The card is in the mail... I'm so coordinated! I actually am doing it on the day, not a month late...

In my sixth hour Spanish class, the boys got the sentence "Hoy es el cumpleaños de mi hermano." They actually figured it out. Then I said, "Es piloto," and held up his card, which got a big laugh. (You'd expect a pilot in a plane, right? Nope! It is picturesque air balloons!) I hope it does when it arrives, as well.

Have a good one with him!

To celebrate Ray's BD, the science teacher shot a wild turkey and put the makin's down in the teacher's lounge. One of the teacher's aides put chocolate cake and some other kind in a plastic holder and labeled it "HELP YOURSELF". I COULD NOT, so I am indulging in a wild white open face sandwich and piece of heavenly thick, richly iced, chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday, Ray! I'd send some, but I'm sure it would spoil before you got it. Guess you just have to attend my impromptu prep period party vicariously...

BTW, if YOUR piece of turkey has the buckshot in it, that means YOU GET TO DO THE DISHES. (wash the paper plates???)
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