pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Teacher Time

I had planned to go grocery shopping in Centerville between 4 and 6 (when I had to take tickets at a game...) but a father came in and we talked from 3:55-4:15, so I had to just stay. I can drive to Centerville and buy under $2 milk, or pay $2.85-9 locally in Seymour or Corydon, both of which I've been in repeatedly without buying any... ;-) ) That's only 15 miles from school, instead of the 25 from home (one way).

The principal had me start an hour before the game, to catch any early birds, and wanted me to stay until the match was over, as there was a football game going on -- two of them, actually. He figured, as chilly as it was outside, that if we were still taking tickets, more would pay to see the vb matches.

I sat chatting to passers-by on the short cut out of the wind, but unheated, to the concessions stand, while I graded two classes' worth of papers before the first paying customers showed up. What are we doing here? Teacher time is WORTHLESS if you waste it in that fashion. I took in $8 in 45 minutes... after the first football game ended.

At seven, the match began, and I took tickets fairly steadily for about 45 minutes, but nobody ever waited more than a minute to pay and go. So, Seymour won quickly 21-20; 25-18; and I took in ONE ticket during game 2. The third game began. Another person came.

The football game ended when we had 18:7. So two people TWO, count them! paid for the last five minutes of that contest... And I sat there, feeling like a SCALPER, as the $ were set by the districts for district meets, at $4 across the board. Nobody released me, so I chatted with about 20 people who loitered until the game ended... Horrid, absolutely horrid. During the last hour and a half, I had taken in ONE more $4 entry.

Now, THAT was a worth-while use of time! I got all the papers graded, but still have to put them in the grade book. I went home instead. No other corporation in the world could stand a profit ratio like that and survive! :-(

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