pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Teachers Know It's Friday the Thirteenth When...

First hour. Right after the bell.

Wildly waving hand. "Miss H! Miss H. I finished my book." (Today is the day that the students were scheduled to complete the novel we've been reading for the last two weeks.)

"Fantastic, A. After I get the roll taken, you can come up and tell me your story."

"Come up?"

"In just a minute."

Later, after a student starts the unit test, another gets a biography paper, and a third asks to see her grade, I call A. back up.

"Tell my your story."

"What story?"

"What story did you finish reading and need to tell me about to earn your 50 points?" *Holding up my copy of the book.*

"Charlotte Doyle.*"


"So, tell me your story."

"What story?"

"What do you need points in the grade book for reading?"

"Charlotte Doyle? Lowered head, peeping out of the corner of his eyes, almost flirting... He's pushing the limits, and knows it.

"Maybe you'd like to tell me about The Old Man and the Sea?" *Groucho Marx-ish eyebrow waggle.*

Laughter. Snapping out of it, he decides to cooperate. After all, it IS only two days since I gave him a heart-to-heart pep talk during my prep period as he sat in the office, ISS for too many detentions. He has an unbelievable number of Saturday detentions to serve.

He tells the last thing that happens to Charlotte on board the ship, and grinds to a halt.

"Could we maybe start a bit sooner?"

He tells me the next to the last thing and stops.

This is like attending a regressive dinner. *Pauses to contemplate explaining the idea of a "regressive" anything to someone who can't seem to remember why he's reading a book five minutes after announcing that he's done with it.*


"I had more in mind starting at the beginning and moving in an orderly fashion to the end."

"The beginning?"

He becomes introspective.

"I don't remember the beginning."


*Better known as The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi.

(And That Was Just FIRST Hour!)

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