pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


My neighbor was out in my field working on fence and burial duties until way late, far after dark. With trepidation, I exited the shower this morning, glancing at the gates into the hayfield.

All I could see was a lone coyote, trapped by the tight fencing on my side of the barrier. Soon another coyote came into view, on the other side of the fence. I thought at first the fellow from my side had found a passage, but as the coyote headed west and north into the wild blue yonder, the one from my side began to run down the fence line to the north.

Two horses entered the very edge of the area I can see, then also went north. There is an open gate at the center of the two forty acres along the north fence. To get to water, the horses must use it. I don't know what the coyotes were doing... Licking grass? I have NO plans to go up to check.
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