pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Playing Tag

Against my better judgment, Friday I wore a new shirt my sister had sent me. I'm what the media calls euphemistically a "full figured" woman, and as a general rule, VERTICAL stripes, not horizontal, are preferable for that body type.

But, the 3/4 length sleeves and fabric weight seemed perfect for the weather, so I positioned the tags at the back and donned the shirt.

At noon, I went down to "the services" as the euphemism translates from the Spanish, and as I washed my hands, I noticed a tag sticking out on one hip.

"Oops!" I thought, forgetting the care with which I'd dressed in the morning. Stepping back into a stall, I swung the door shut, drug the shirt over my head, reversed it, and pulled it down.

Nope! I had it right the first time! Now I had neck tags, etc. to contend with, and promptly tangled the lot of them in my hair.

Ah, me! Just not modern enough to know WHEN I should be showing my tags, and when I shouldn't!

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