pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Three Off for Training

Third time's a charm, they say. I had a QH trainer try to take two of the high % Arabian geldings... he couldn't even load them without trauma. Wipe out #1... nearly a year ago now. I had a boy who'd worked breaking horses on my farm for five or six years take two of them, one at a time, but he didn't have the proper facilities to be able to work them. Both were returned separately, at my expense, still as untrained as ever.

But last night, an Arabian trainer who specializes in endurance horses came with his girlfriend and sister, and we looked over everyone in the herd, caught them all, sorted out the three geldings, backed the trailer up to the barn door, let down the ramp, and coaxed them aboard without any mayhem. The man took his time, knew enough not to set up battles, and had a soothing manner about him. What a huge relief! Unbroken, they were NOT selling, yet are good animals and top working prospects.

The fellow was in the running for the US Olympics team, getting into the top 18, but not cracking the top 12 people in the nation. You know, that's still PRETTY GOOD in my book!

In exchange for breaking two, he gets to keep the third, his choice. He will take the one that is "best" in his opinion, and USE IT nation-wide in competitive trail and endurance. Any wins he makes with a horse carrying the Pandemonium name will reflect on me as a breeder.

I'm anxiously awaiting the report on how they're doing on his farm, as they adjust to individual stalls, strange horses, strange people...

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