pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On Sky Freedom

Today as I rushed home to see if the fellow who plans to pick up some of the horses to train was going to arrive, I spied a yellow low wing, two wheel plane making pass after pass over the property of my neighbor, moving steadily north. As I reached my farm, so did he, loop after loop, making four or five passes before he got to my northern boundary. As he hit the midpoint of my 80, he was low enough to land in the hayfield, but if he'd been so improvident, he'd have been stuck for sure. Everything is super-soggy yet from last night's torrents.

It looked like a Cherokee or Beachcraft, I think. Yellow and trim. But, having him pass so low that he could have landed in my back hay field easily from the way he approached, was threatening. Photographing/videoing? I certainly wasn't spraying anything, nor do I want things sprayed on my land. Nothing seemed to be emitted anywhere like a spray would do.

I heard on the radio about "spy" planes that flew at 30,000 feet, nearly out of sight, taking special photos of every inch of the land. Now, the ag department had found a use for the results of those photos -- verifying CRP ground plantings, fence lines, etc.

Sometimes we've had spring shots made by companies who blew up 11 x 14 sized shots of people's land, then later on tried to sell them for $50, but if you held out, would drop it to $25... Sometimes I would have bought, but the angle showed my buildings with the neighbor's field. I suggested using a plot map to determine who owned which parcel, so they'd get the proper fields in the photos.

The sun was out today, the light ideal for photos, the recent rains have again greened up the dry grasses. But, nobody would take four or five passes, mostly over "empty" fields, if they were trying to sell owners photographs of their land.

Bugged, I called 911 and asked if we knew why a plane was making such passes. She wanted to know if any of my neighbors had spotted the plane, as well. I explained that the people to the south don't live there, and the ones to the north weren't home.

I suppose I'll never hear what was going on. One can hardly flag down a plane the way one can a strange car or truck in the neighborhood.

One other odd thing. I am still under my father's influence, even though he's been dead for 30 years. Had that been a strange car, I'd have had NO IDEA what make it might have been. All those fly-in's...

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