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Refrigerator Art -- The Blessing

Refrigerator Art -- The Blessing

Early Saturday morning, she begins. She paints diligently, whistling happily, until it becomes too hot to work, makes a journal entry, then sleeps the sleep of the dead until the evening cool arouses her. She paints again until it is too dark to see to mix the paint properly.

"Señorita, what if it rains?" Sarita asks softly.

"We'll just have to move it inside until it dries. But it would not DARE rain on my herd before they are protected."

Fortunately, the rain waits until the clear coat is dry. Despina is surprised to discover that the tribe has given her credit for holding the rain off the few crucial days, based on her frivolous remark to Sarita.

Since the hovel pretty effectively blocks her personal fridge from view, it is not until things are practically dry enough to accidentally touch without damage before her project is generally discovered, so involved are the students in the painting going on behind the school roof support posts.

Juan discovers it with a shout that draws all the rest. "¡Mira! ¡Una rumada!"

Guillermo, eyes wide, approaches reverently.

"Abrelo," suggests Despina.

Opening the door wide, he leaps back, staring at the two tone stallion seemingly about to trample him.

One by one, each person opens the door, gaping at the image that pops up.

"Necesitamos más." says Guillermo, afire with new ideas.

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