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Time Line (8/18/06)

November 17, 2001 14:52

Time Line:

Day One: Arrives in Broken Lance Saturday afternoon
Arrives at Stone Circles Reservation late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Visits the Medicine Woman's cave and talks to her en route. No road. She's been dead for three-four years. Paul Peter, highly drunk, sees her, too, hears her talk, sees the fire, sees the plants.

Day Two: Sunday. Sees the school site for the first time that morning. Settles into her hovel. Walks down to the hospital, meets the doctor (White), uses the facilities. No electricity past the hospital, which runs on a generator. Cu draws outline of building in the dirt. Hauls water from the river in an old milk can. Uses halizon tablets to purify it. Considers getting a chamber pot, but in this heat, it would reek and not be very sanitary. Decides to leave her clean clothes and things she doesn't want damaged in the cab of the truck or the cooler in the bed... The bugs and the heat are real hard on her. Everything seems desolate after the green of Iowa.

Day Three: Monday. Begs desks from church school in town, which is on summer break, and sets them up inside the line Cu drew in sort of rows, as well as possible on the uneven floor. Levels areas for the saw horses and door that serve as her desk. One flippable blackboard is also on loan from the Sunday school, but will have to be returned each weekend. Hauling water in the five gallon creamery cans is a daily chore. Baby Blue Ram is in danger of running out of gas from his frequent trips. Each student must wet down the area to be where his desk will go, level it with a shovel and a 2x4x10 board she saved from the junk pile behind the hardware store in town. It takes an hour to clear the area enough to settle in the desks. Everybody pitches in on the practical tasks..... but when it comes time for some learning, things rapidly go down hill. Gets heat stroke in the late morning, and dismisses the children by 11. Goes to her hovel and collapses, not arising until 5 am the next day. Sleeps through the all-important campfire, which she knows nothing about.

Day Four: Tuesday. Clouds in the distance over Spirit Mountain. She worries about damaging the borrowed desks in the rain. Everyone assures her it won't rain this far away. Alphabet lesson not going well. Alberto leaves, she tracks and is rescued. It rains. Books and papers are damaged. She again skips the campfire, which is a pretty soggy affair that night.

Day five: Wednesday. Cu tells her about the campfire each night.. . She's commanded to put in an appearance. Men come to set posts. Nature walk -- alphabet catches on. Attends campfire for first time, with Alberto as guide.

Last updated 8/18/06 (song lyric link added).

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