pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Rural Population Problems

(The first thing written is the last thing posted... Here's the important idea:)

The scary thing is that a lot of people see the solution as HAVING MORE CHILDREN. We're having a POPULATION SHIFT, not in danger of dropping the total number of people below viable levels! As long as schools are funded on the head count enrolled, the incentive to overproduce is exacerbated.

LBH wrote:

Same things going on here in the smaller rural areas. They're having elementary at one town, and using the old existing buildings, and middle and high schools at the other town, with some elementary schools being remodeled to put in bigger toilets etc. because they can't afford the new buildings, and the community doesn't want the higher taxes.

SLH wrote:

The town had over 900 people in it when I moved here in 1976. Now it is barely 700. The rural area has been shedding family farms the entire time... It got real bad once and after the courthouse had put up 60 or 80 crosses (one for each farmer forclosed on in the county) there was a court order to make them STOP. Of course, it had gotten national news, as it should have. Of course, that did NOTHING to prevent more people losing everything... The paved road I live on was labeled "bankruptcy row". Every farmer who bought more land or new machinery went bankrupt.

We are dropping another bus route. (High gas prices, low rider rate) [see above] There is a legal limit to how long a student can be on a bus before being delivered home (baring such events as sliding off the road in a snow/ice storm, etc. They're talking PLANNED AND EXPECTED TIME...)

We were already in NON COMPLIANCE...

None of the other local areas have sufficient capacity to absorb all of our students without new building projects/more staff, which = HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES, which = more flight from the area...

GREAT, right?

On Aug 15, 2006, at 3:30 PM, LBH wrote:

Are they having declining enrollment too? Lots of ours are joining other near by towns to keep things open.

SLH wrote:

I hope our school will still be OPEN in 6 years! NOBODY hires OLD TEACHERS... NOBODY. (Not as teachers...)

On Aug 15, 2006, at 1:00 PM, LBH wrote:

Love the song choice! You'll be the lucky one to get to retire. With the new house I'll have to find another job: I'll be
VERY shocked if they don't close this office when the lease is done next (as in a year from) December.

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