pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Economic Reference

I speak Spanish, ye olde versions of English, Horse, Arab horse, body English, etc. but I'm no better at EconomicSpeak than I am at balancing my checkbook.

Here's a situation where the main character, just prior to his marriage, is thinking over his potential future. page 12, Andrew M. Greeley's A Christmas Wedding:

I was a careful and circumspect young man, a prudent accountant in the making. My prospective bride was perhaps correct. Beautiful young woman that she was, she could easily ruin my life. That was the long run. In the short run... (text omitted)

No insurance for long-run failure? Was I going long, as they said at the Board of Trade, in what might be a buyer's market?

There was not the slightest doubt what a careful investor ought to do.


Well, there sure is in MY mind! Does he mean he should take the gamble, sure the short term prospects, which look so excellent, can be converted into a successful marriage/happy life? or is he hinting that he should duck and run, as the deck is stacked against him... Someone more economically savvy, please undertake to enlighten my concerning this prediction, this obvious example of foreshadowing, so I know where he EXPECTS to go...

One misses the irony, or the thrill of how the author unravels an impossible situation and snatches success from the jaws of defeat when one does NOT KNOW what his idea of his future is...

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