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A good friend of mine sent me a list of 20 puns, which ended with 20. And finally, there was the person who sent twenty different puns to his friends, with the hope that at least ten of the puns would make them laugh.

No pun in ten did.

Reminds me of our minister when I was in confirmation class. He was a TERRIBLE punner. So, I was looking for the joke when my first assignment came back marked, "A MAD." I couldn't figure it out. Okay, I knew he'd given me an A, but WHY would that make a MINISTER mad??? They were supposed to do good and encourage others to, as well.

Without even the barest hint of a smile, Reverend Merel A. Dunn responded, "Well, I guess that's one DUNN PUN I didn't do intentionally."

As is usual for minister's children, his oldest daughter did not always make the best adjustment. One time after junior choir, the boys were teasing her and locked her in a closet down in the basement at the opposite end from the choir loft.

"Tell us a DUNN PUN and we'll let you out."

She began talking to them through the door, telling them in no uncertain terms that she would NEVER utter a pun, no matter how long they made her wait, ending with, "I am going to scream at the count of three if you don't open this door."

The robes and music were stored within hearing distance, and eventually, some of us girls were attracted by the ruckus.

More negotiation, which finally ended when she shouted at the top of her lungs, "O-PEN the door!) Which came out sounding like "Oh, Pun the door!"... so they did.

Just about then, my sisters and I reached the bottom step at the end under the choir loft, and took her off accusingly. Afterward, when she'd calmed down, it got funny... She was her father's daughter, all right.

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