pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Vocabulary Builder

Okay, so you read the little dab of context, and if you know the word, comment and TELL US that you do.

Otherwise, take a guess, either in your own house/head, or in the comments if you're not shy...

After awhile, I'll look them up and post their meanings in a comment, and anyone who has commented and has "email me notification" if anyone answers can slip back in and see what it REALLY means. If I get REALLY ambitious, I may add the whole sentence, or paragraph of context.

In Andrew M. Greeley's The Search for Maggie Ward, it seems he zings me every hundred pages or so with a new vocabulary word...

P. 121 ...a miniature odalisque (describing the title character)
P. 221 It was a neighborhood in which even the term "lace curtains" was not opprobrious

The Priestly Sins
P. 258 I had better stop trying to exegete what she said and pay attention to the highway.

Younger Than Springtime
p.228 She was supposed to be studying music in Rome, piano with a "wee gombeen man over in Trastevere..."

(I'm missing some of the lists...)

Here's one with the description -- page number but not the book. Instead of using a bad word, the author, (probably Vonnegut or Greeley, but *I'm not even sure of that*) substituted big words! P. 167 ...proctological sobriquet... Well, that just sent me into peels of laughter, at any rate...

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