pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

"Best Tall Tale" Entry

And to continue with the faux awards, in the category of "Best Tall Tale", we have...

Well, I'm not really sure on this one.

Kurt Vonnegut's story Galápagos certainly had quite a few of these in it... not all of which I posted, but all of which I greatly enjoyed... I really need to look back and see what categories I awarded him wins in, but lj is being cranky this morning, and I really AM supposed to be working on three papers, due today...

But this one by Andrew M. Greeley in a new (well, new to ME, but really old) series, first volume, A Midwinter's Tale p.80, contributes a certainly viable entry.

He says, through his character "Chucky", "I will confess, however, that I was the one responsible for the story that, when the lemonade had been sent to a chemist for analysis, he had reported with great regret that our poor horse was dying of an incurable kidney disease."

Well, how can it miss? It MENTIONS a horse, in a highly humorous light.... And my sister really IS right...

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