pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Houdinis All

Anyone working with a wide variety of horses will tell you about the Arabian houdini in the herd. (If not, it will be a rascally pony).

Since THAT'S all I raise, I have 21 of them here, it seems. Last year, it was Omyno, who brought in a "harem" including two geldings...

This year, first Debut, then Debut AND his consort Crem went out regularly. J. came and fixed fence, which has been good enough, until today.

I also knew there was a poor fence on the far pasture, held up only by wire where a string of wooden posts had rotted off at the ground. Leche, the one in the herd that is picked on, came up the night after I got back from class. I figured she was driven over it, as she did not come back later on...

So, I have no way of knowing who did what first, but tonight, ALL the horses from the pasture, and DEBUT came to the hayfield gate. Great.

When I caught up with Debut, he'd been kicked in the chest, removing all the hair, AND in the balls. Before or afterward? Time will, unfortunately, tell.

Poor guy. I generally help him when it's time to breed a mare "for real", i.e. an INTENDED breeding. Once I got him separated, he wanted me to "fix it"...

Since Crem didn't join him, she's presumably settled for next year.

And just how many were in heat this time? As I filled the water trough, five different mares hugged their side of the fence as close to him as they could get.

I hope the market picks up if I REALLY am going to have six foals next year! Pray NOT!

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