pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two Weeks Left

And WHAT did I do with my summer vacation? I set the goal of finishing my first novel. It needed some more proofreading and a couple of new chapters... So, how did it fare?

Well, as you would read a novel, I began at the beginning. (Not at first. I tried to jump into it about where I'd left off with the heavy lifting, but needed continuity to be sure things weren't being tipped too soon, or repeated too often...)

So, the part that is the BEST WORKED OVER is now better worked over. I love the way that stuff reads. But I didn't get into the troublesome areas while I had leisure to concentrate on them.

Oh, I have great excuses, but they just make me look/feel indecisive and defensive. I'd set a goal of dumping one trash sack of sorted paper a day, doing at least one folder of book work (accounting) a day, and one chapter. Since I have 75 chapters or so, it would turn into a race toward the end. Oh, and I scheduled two college classes in there, as well, with papers and research needed. Of course, on the first one, which was only two days, I did as much r and w as was required for the week long one. He accepted it, even though he had to spend more time reading it than he'd expected to have to invest. I wrote it with the same philosophy that I use in my journal. It ought to be INTERESTING in and of itself... Knowing the teacher, I knew he values the mental exchange.

As I look at the recently unburned stack by the front door, I'm not sure that I DIDN'T reach the goal of a sack a day... the problem is, I EXPECTED a cleaned up living room, or at least ONE SPOT of a cleaned up living room, but all that's happened is that I've maintained the level, eradicating nothing!

Well, in all honesty, that's not exactly true, either. I DID finally pull out of my funk caused by losing those two fillies June 2 and 3. But it took MONTHS. And, since last Thursday, Debut was out in the hayfield with all the mares except the placebo I gave him to keep him happy, I have five hard in heat mares to worry about for NEXT summer... (and, I still owe several hundreds of the vet bill from the last two, instead of just the board bill for the four house cats for a week while I was gone, which was not even ON the last bill I got, although it had happened.)

And, yes, the book parts I got to are very satisfying. BUT, I wanted to be able to start submitting it places (and collect some real-life rejections?) :-(

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