pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


Parody of the tune I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?

I wonder who's reached 80 now?
I wonder who remembers how?
To find the keys, their glasses and cheese
To keep their looks
To read good books
To wash behind their knees?

If I could remember the tune, I could probably make the poem match it better, no?

Last night when she called, I told Mom something that she indicated she couldn't focus on, and thus would not remember, as it was time to help MFG. I airily replied that I'd email it to her, but did NOT write it down...

Egg-on-the-face-time, something I'm practicing SOOO often, I'm really getting it down pat. I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT I SAID I'D SEND HER...

It sort of reminds me of my 30th birthday, when she asked chipperly, "And how old are YOU now?"


Surprised silence.

"That's not right! You CAN'T be 30! I'm 30!"

What a way to start your day, discovering that you've been your mother's twin all your life and didn't know it. I suppose I should have caught on when I went to work at Piggly Wiggly and an IBM'er came through, read my name tag, and cheerfully inquired, "Dale's wife?"

I think I was 16 or so at the time...
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