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The last summer school class is now history.

Well, after watching four movies a day for five days, I've seen quite a bit of Sidney Poitier's repertory. The class was excellent. If you are into renting movies, in one of his he comes back to earth as GOD. He's checking for progress since the last time he walked the earth. Wow... (I'll look up the title if you're interested. Right now, I'm suffering from overload, and can't remember which one it was.)

I also saw Something of Value, about the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya, another powerful film. With a gay 20 something... During one of Rock Hudson's "love" scenes, (They KISS), we looked at each other, and decided that he wasn't very convincing at it. He said, "Well, maybe that's not what's happening here. Some people just can't kiss well." Then we both laughed a rather nervous laugh. Nothing else was said, but it was obvious that WE both knew his background.

D reported afterward that he didn't much like the ending. That was the only one we were scheduled to watch where Poitier's character doesn't survive.

Quoth JW the next time I see him, "D told me you two watched a movie together Friday evening. He said it was real good, even though it was filmed in black and white."

"You guys just don't know what you're missing when you skip all those classic old black and white films. They were CRAFTED."

Mom could REMEMBER it from seeing it in the theater, and tell a famous line from it.

His lone western, Duel at Diablo, was really excellent, other than the one scene where the experienced sergeant has a line of raw recruits on green broke horses (supplied by Sidney Poitier). The whole line is rather curving and lumpy instead of straight and precise... They are trotting.

Shouts the sergeant, "Forward, TROT~" Everyone tries a slow canter. The next command is for a slow canter, and everyone cuts loose at a charge, a gallop. Horses buck, rear, reverse, etc. It is pretty funny, but the "experienced" sergeant's horse is doing the SAME WRONG GAITS as the raw recruits'.

Watching movies in a classroom does NOT supply all the comforts of home. Aye, we had popcorn, which I ate the first day, but the snacks were all salty/fattening, so after that, I stuck to Thompson seedless grapes, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes/refrigerator pickel salad, potato salad, erstaz Ritz crackers and marinated herring, (the only thing NOBODY else would taste), and bagels... I ignored three kinds of cookies, a cherry chocolate cake, pretzels, energy bars, Gatorade, Dots, Bull energy drink (or was it Ram? -- used by students to keep awake during excessive semester test studying time... ) mixed salted snacks, and Jiffy peanut butter and saltine crackers, which everyone else consumed in copious quantities. I drank LOTS of water.

I just bought the DVD's of West Side Story and The Graduate. I also got The Great Escape earlier this summer.

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