pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

"Tempest in a Teapot" Time

Well, it seems my faxed meds for blood pressure were messed up. I was on cardizem, but after a while, it quit working, so he put me on cardara for a while, then on Lotrel. Well, being SOOOO good with drug names, i did not get it all straight, not even in my head.

The PA wrote out the prescriptions from my chart, and put cardizem, (or cardara), but the letters after it for the other one... so they DID NOT send the stuff, telling ME it was "back-ordered". They never got ANYTHING about the Lotrel at all. So today, the gal is faxing LOTREL script to them... AND found me a 28 day supply of stuff in their back room... bless them!

I was supposed to return books to the Centerville library today, but instead, called long distance to renew them, as I have to go in to Corydon to pick up the meds. I don't want to go both places in one day (25 miles basically east for Centerville, 17 miles basically west for Corydon, one way). I was going to buy milk and bread, too, but Corydon has both of those, for a higher price, of course... but not probably not higher than double gas would run. The first 6 miles down to Highway 2 is the same regardless of where I go.

Then Sunday, at 6 pm, I get to go back, but with the four indoor cats in tow. They are being boarded at the vet's next week while I'm in college. So much for my decision to just park the car for the summer and live out of the freezer/pantry instead of gallivanting all over the place just because I had time to do it. Every trip into town outside of school, I spend at least $100, it seems, whether I really can afford to, or not.

I'm definitely NOT one of those "shop 'til you drop" ladies.

Once I'm off at school, I'll be just a few miles from where I bought the little car, so it goes in Tues. before 7:30 for a check-up/maintenance/tune up/oil change with loaner car so I can get to school. I also told J. that while I was up there, I'd go meet his filly, but I was too bushed to do it the first night of the Simon and Garfunkel class -- up and on the road in the dawn's light type of thing makes for a LOOONG day. I'm well past my "bounce right back" days.

And sometime in there, I need to get my eyes checked for the year and get the new prescription done. I don't have an appointment made for that one, but should. I actually DO have an old copy of the Des Moines phone book, but although I can remember the exact location of both places, I can NOT remember their names...

Okay. Guess I'm done with my "planning ahead" stuff. :-(
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