pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

First Woodpecker

I heard a woodpecker pecking on a tree just before I got out of bed this morning. A few minutes later, as I walked to the drive way to get the paper, he flew within my sight and was hanging from the side of a tree. This is my first sighting of one since Kartina.

The morning doves came back over a week ago.

The mean turtle with the white nose came up from way back near our buffer lot... He came a-running whaen I opened a window in the sun room and started talking to him. Yes, turtles run in their fashion.


(San edit: They are easily "broke to eat", eh?

Mean turtle? I don't think I've heard that story.)

Mom: I used to feed them on the patio. The smaller one gets run off by the mean one. (Help! Bad memory attack! Please describe the turtles, and the feeding of them again... Do you catch live flies for them, or what??? -- or is that frog food?)

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