pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Escape Artist

J came down Thursday and "fixed fence".

"No action," he reported when he came in. He told me the back field's fence is entire - he'd walked the whole thing.

"Well, Debut's so long legged, he CAN step over the back part" (which has old hog wire on it instead of the more than twice as tall horse wire.)

[Aside: I need to replace that whole fence, which was erected 30 years ago when I first bought the farm, and was "temporary" at that time... a paste-it-together move until I had the money for a "real" fence... The lady who hauls the bales in for her farmer husband has told me of seeing the yearlings run back over that fence to escape the monster tractor when she went out to gather the crop in... and a few years later, came in a panic to the door to get me to "save" Debut, who was trapped.

Well, he WAS trapped, by his own good nature. He'd walked over the fence with his front feet, eaten the hay field as far around as his long, long neck could reach, then waited patiently for me to come set him free. When he tried to walk forward, his back legs would bump into the fence. I took a halter and lead along, but did not need it to free him. It lay in the grass as I carefully maneuvered each hind leg over the fence, led him around to the gate, then put him back in the pasture with a hunk of hair from his mane from the other side drawn under his chin, and my thumb on his jaw.

Freed at the pond after that one, he drank and drank and drank. Before he'd really had time to recover, a guy showed up with a mare for him, so the back fence lost its interest.]

By Saturday, both Debut and Crem O'Pandemonium, his consort, were back out there. Now, with his long legs, he can walk over the top of the back fence... but Crem??? I saw the neighbor about putting the back gate to the north pond pasture up on hinges that WORK, as the herd is out of fodder, and again asked if he'd cut down the wild parsnip... You know, that stuff he was going to go in MAY before Memorial Day so it didn't go to seed? Yeah, right...

"This afternoon, after I fix this tire," he said...

I mentioned the two out in the hay field in passing. If they take the four wheeler out, it is OKAY for them to dash through INTO the pasture... then trap them there. But, I don't know if it happened. I didn't hear anything, which may or may not mean it got done, as the house is closed up, the ac is on, the radio was on, and I was dozy...

So, when I wake up, at 4 am, I go out to be sure they are NOT in the hay field, as there is no water out there, and for some reason, although they will walk OUT, they sure won't walk back IN, tales of yearlings running back over it, or no. I cross the yard to the closest gate, planning to head up the path by the house pond to open the gate next to the pasture gate on the north of the pond, which I THINK I can get to without acquiring a tick overlay... (You know, the predawn light is pretty decent this time of year, so I am not in pitch dark doing this, but neither is it bright day. At least it is NOT HOT. Sad to say, it is NOT DEWY, either... )

Debut hollers.

NO, I think. I should have let them back in last night. (I fell asleep reading in the chair, having spaced it off while waiting for after dark. Oh, I went to do it and check for where the four missing prescriptions had got to (maybe blown between the seat and door on the passenger side of the car?) around 7 pm last night, as well, but when I opened the door, Miss SKUNK was at the base of the steps, and NOT in running off mood. She circled the trailer, sure I would feed the cats. Pill. I thought about getting the camera out, but I have not put the new tape in, as I need to make a video for a potential trainer before I do. (I have a shot of the skunk to get, and Jess says the back pasture pond is COVERED in water lilies, in bloom, and handed me four huge open ones, and one still closed up, as an incentive... Me, I think that is a sign the POND IS LOW... The last shot I took of that pond was a sunrise reflecting on the water, mirroring the clouds. Gorgeous. No water lilies at all -- a few cat tails around the edges. He thought in a week's time, it would be great, as more would be in bloom.)

I find knocked down waist high grass to get over to the gate for all but the last two feet. (Did I mention I was barelegged instead of in jeans?) I undo the chain, and hear hoof beats on the run. (Toward, of course. You know my herd...)

Soon, I step off the path to allow Crem, who MIGHT NOT see me in time, to go by. Debut is off the trail on the outside. (She kicked him, so he's taking no chances... The morning before J fixed the fence, I watched Debut stand motionless except for his tail for over 30 minutes... Contentment? Catatonic?)

Crem turns and gets her hugging. HAAP Louise meets me in the corner right past the tall grass (clipped as if I were grazing SHEEP in the pasture on her side of the fence...) If she would leave the flowers alone, I'd let her have the rest of the yard, but her son OMYNO Pandemonium goes for the trees, and she eats the tops off all the flowers -- including the rose bushes, thorns and all. Pill.) So I rub her under her jaw to console her, wondering why she's so affectionate. Generally, she's a bit stand-offish, but that's when the rest of the herd is around. I'm feeling pleased that she's sought me out until she turns around... She's in heat.

I can just read her mind! She's thinking, I'm BOSS over Crem... I want what Crem has. You need to FIX IT, boss lady.

"No, I will NOT put you in with Debut, too. Crem was to be his pacifier, not the leader in a herd increase plan..."

The calico and one of the blacks turn and race back to the front porch. I break down and put out some food, as the gray and peach kitten was right there. I petted her for over five minutes while she ate last night. (First time... These are WILD CATS, so they raise WILD KITTENS.) I got the yellow tom stroked twice, but nobody else would allow it, although one of the blacks used to when she was younger, while eating... Gray and peach has been thinking about it for days.

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