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On Love and Marriage -- Lori Handeland, A Soldier's Quest

Jane had devoted her life to helping others.  She had no time for men and little interest in marriage.  She's seen enough of her colleagues dragged down by love -- or what they thought was love.  Brilliant women with a stellar career in front of them, giving it all up because hubby wanted them home.

Gag. True love meant support, not criticism.  Encouragement, not censure.  She'd never met a man who could keep his mouth shut and let his wife shine...

But a little affection would be nice.  Not that she hadn't had boyfriends.

Well, not boyfriends, exactly.


Maybe that wasn't the right word, either, since love had never been mentioned.

Jane wasn't the type of woman to inspire pretty words and everlasting devotion.  She'd come to terms with that long ago.

If not boyfreinds or lovers, what should she call them? Guys she'd had sex with sounded so crass.

She'd enjoyed the social company of men, slept with a few, then sent them on their way before they could send her.  Thus far she'd never missed a single one for more than a minute.  Which left a certain dilemma.
                                                                                                  ~ Lori Handeland, A Soldier's Quest
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