pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Debut's Morning Amble

This morning Pandemonium Debut (Pandemonium Pinto's senior stallion) is singing a new song... "I'm a rambler, and a gambler, a midnight ambler..." He rambled over the (admittedly low) west fence from the back pasture into the hay field. Then he strolled through the hay field, ambled into the bale pen, then roamed into the west pasture, and from there migrated into the front yard.

He was gambling that San was sleeping/inattentive enough not to hear him hit the driveway from there. He lucked out; I was. He continued into the road, then immigrated along the berm until he was opposite the front field. Into the ditch he dove, snug against the fence line, delighting to find Lyric Pandemonium, Pandemon Canta Libre, Pandemonium Adagio, and Fleur d'Pandemonium all in heat. (Only Fleur and Adagio are his half sisters.)

Alack and alas, he discovered the road fence was up to the task it was designed for.

I always switch my days and nights during the summer, and have nearly done that, even though I know I'll have more college to attend the end of July. I finally dropped off around 4 am, but was restless. I heard a car in the driveway. Before 6 am? I wasn't expecting company. I peeked out of the window to see a blond heading for the front door. I didn't recognize her.

"Hi, sorry to bother you." (I am obviously in a nightie, the one E. picked out for me with a famous cartoon bear on the front and another on back.) "There's a horse out on the road. I think it's the one that's usually out front. I drive by every day, and they're really beautiful."

"It's probably OMYNO. He's in the front yard behind an electric wire, and can really leave any time he wants just by running through it."

She leaves, and I grab jeans and shoes, throw out a scoop of cat food, snatch up the closest halter and lead rope, then set out in the little car.

It's NOT No. He's by the creek, still in his yard, and the electric wire is up. I nearly turn back, but I decide that it might be a visitor... several times, neighbor's horses have shown up against my road fence, making me glad the top of it is a 1 x 6 board instead of barbed wire.

I start up the hill. spotting Debut near the top. Wow! He was clear in the back field along the south fence... Now he was opposite the north side of the road fence... nearly a full 80 from where he started.

Eying the wild parsley rampant in the roadside ditch, in full bloom, I chart a course to the fence line, over the 1-2' deep ditch in the middle, obscured by waist high weeds. As I get within range, he turns south, following the south line back toward the buildings... I stop and watch. The heard, true to form, see me and COME. Debut returns, and I halter him. We set off down the steep hill. Neither of us are doing very well on it. When he hits bottom, he falls into the ditch, stumbling out the other side. I stop, trying to figure out how to do it without losing him.

Ah, I grab his mane, and jump to his side, allowing HIM to stabilize me. He doesn't mind. He's mellow, as always. I go to the car, opening the door. He stands calmly in the middle of the road, waiting for me to get the door open, car started, window down, rope passed through. (Two cars pass during this operation; morning rush hour has begun; must be around 6 am.)

He ignores them.

He used to trot along beside the vehicle as we went down the steep hill, but now he just walks. I stop him once when he gets opposite NO. He doesn't even challenge the rope then. We head up the drive, the center grass making noise against the bottom of the little car. He didn't mind the odd sound.

Part way up the hill, I spied a fluffy black tail aloft... Do I smell somthing, or is it just the power of suggestion? Suddenly, a smallish black and white civit cat dashed for the south fence line. Bet I'm out of cat food on the porch... I frown. It's broad daylight. What's WRONG with the skunks around here? Don't they KNOW they're supposed to be nocturnal?

When we got opposite the west pasture, he pawed, banging the side of the car. I got out as quickly as possible, not wanting to see a dent in the door...

I lead him into the pasture, then close the gates, keeping the halter on him until both sides are hooked. He sticks his head over, tipping it to me to remove the halter. I do, then rub his ears and neck. When Crem next comes in heat, he gets her... which should keep him satisfied as well as be a good cross. He's such a love.

Not only is the cat food all consumed, but I'm too wide awake to drop back off to sleep, which is why you're able to read this post now.

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