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When Saturday evening arrives, Despina goes into town with Paul Peter. He rents a motel room at The Blissful Rest, then goes over to Ye Olde Watering Hole. Wise to the shortfalls of the place, Despina wishes for water, and coaxes a pitcher of ice water from the proprietor's wife, which she downs before the ice gets melted. Walking to the sheriff's office, she is reduced to again invading Tony's domain to use the facilities.

She sponges off in the sink, then walks back to the motel and goes to bed. Stretching out on a real mattress is a luxury she never fully appreciated before. Since she does not intend to wait up for Paul Peter, she leaves the chain off the door so his key will work.

It seems as if no time at all has passed when the sheriff knocks at the door, half carrying a barely ambulatory Paul Peter. Embarrassed to have him see her in her skimpy nightie, she drags the sheet off the bed when she goes to open the door.

I didn't consider what it would look like if someone BROUGHT Paul Peter home, instead of him stumbling in under his own power...

She unlaces his shoes and flips them onto the floor as the sheriff tips him into the bed she has rolled down for him.

"This wouldn't be so bad if I could get a shower and wash my hair in hot water," she babbles as she works.

"I only came into town because I am meeting Alice at 7 a.m. at the library to do some more research on her computer before the day heats up. Then we're going to church, after which I'll ride home with Jacques. Paul Peter said that maybe without me along coming in, nobody will water down his gas this week. I arranged it with Alice using your cell phone. I know that isn't an emergency..."

A hearty laugh greets this confession. "I'm glad you have made a friend. She's a nice lady."

Paul Peter began to snore loud enough to shake the rafters. "Help me roll him over."

As they reposition him, the sheriff grows bold. "I get off work at 6. What time are you planning to go eat breakfast? I usually stop in at Ellie's before I go home for the day."

Despina hesitates. "I, uh, I had not planned to eat breakfast."

"Paul Peter seems to think all this ride sharing and not eating is financial. I know you haven't hit payday yet."

"Paul Peter already offered me a payday loan."

"So he said. He also said you turned him down flat."

"So I did. You saw the stunt he pulled the night we took Tex home. Would YOU like to owe him money?"

"Yet you'll stay in a motel room he paid for."

"Knowing that he'll be too comatose to be a problem, and that I'll be long gone before he arises."

"Will you allow me to take you to breakfast?"

"I'd be delighted. You're good company. May I consider it a payday loan?"

"Not without hurting my manly pride."

"Oh, I didn't think of that. Okay, erase that remark. I don't want to appear to be a sponge."

But, when the appointed hour arrives, the sheriff is off sheriffing, which Despina discovers accidentally while using the facilities in his office. She goes hungry until the social hour snacks at church. She can't really eat her fill there, but otherwise puts in an enjoyable, thoroughly uneventful day.

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