pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How Do You Create A Caret Mark?

Edit: I have a Macintosh G4, running OS X. I intended this post for a different community, but I know I have several knowledgeable Mac users among my friends, so I'll just add this info up front. It seems that livejournal has disabled the ability to post those actual symbols, so I can't illustrate here in this original typed on line. Frustrating. (I want to add the mark to a song title in iTunes.)

I know that option e puts an accent mark above the next letter, option u puts an umlat, option n puts a tilde, but option c creates a c with a little comma coming off it, not an upside down v over it. Anyone know how to get the v?

OS X, if that matters. I don't think it does as I've been using those symbols since my Mac SE... three computers ago.

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