pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On Preparedness -- Gacked from a FRIEND

1. Create a central command center in a binder including personal info, where to find important info, etc. to be kept in case of an emergency.

2. Make a master list of all important account numbers, PINs, passwords, etc. and stash a copy in the safe.

3. Do a room by room inventory and detail all important items for insurance purposes.

4. Place a "to go" box near the safe for quick empty purposes.

5. Find keys to safety deposit box and transfer copies of all important docs to said box (marriage license, social security cards, birth certificates, life insurance policies, copies of credit cards, aforementioned lists and inventory, etc.)

6. Find life insurance packet supplied by insurance guy and review. If not acceptable, find something that is.

7. Research and secure lawyer to help us handle living wills as well as a will and/or trust.

This stuff will be time well spent in the interest of preparedness.
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