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Well, if you're feeling depressed, this might be a good post to skip.

M. had told me while he was baling that he'd come over with the backhoe to bury Surprise, the Pinto filly who L. and I stored in the house while we got her dam to give her colostrum... He KNEW she died there, and that anyone coming or going had to STEP OVER THE BODY.

But, when he saw the vet's truck, he did not come. The vet put her in the back end of MY truck, having no problem lifting her dead weight off the floor and carrying her about 80' to the truck, as opposed to L. and I, both at least 60, with all the body weaknesses and creaking, inflexible parts that brings, had to take several stabs at just to get her off the ground. But, of course, Dr. Whitney is probably a 20's something, and in superb condition...

The next morning, M. left a message on the answering machine while I went in at 7 to pick up the medicine Dr. W had set out for me. I called him back at once, telling him I now had TWO bodies... and M. said he'd be there within the hour. He showed up at SUNSET, followed the truck trail through the bale pen that J. had left when he drove my truck into the back hayfield and left the bodies in a slight depression in some trees, uncovered, as we have no way to do it except by hand...

I tell M about leaving a colt body in the depression by the trees one year, and how during the winter, the coyotes raided it, scattering the bones all throughout the nearby hay field, where they were well-hidden in the long grass the next summer, and wound up in L's machinery when he went to put up the hay... Not a happy experience for all involved.

M. found the tracks, had NO TROUBLE following them, but did not bury the bodies. He reported that there were two trails through the tall grass and weeds, under the fence, and down into the ravine on the other side of the fence where "something big" that did NOT leave a separate trail had taken them off my farm...

A few years back, we had a MOUNTAIN LION killed within two miles of here, and I saw a shot of its body lying in a full sized pick-up bed. Its head and neck were on the far side of the wheel well, and the body, stretched diagonally across the, what? 8' of the bed's width, hung over the open tail gate... It was HUGE. The head alone was the size of a basketball. Something that size could have drug two 50-75# dead weight bodies off, pulling them backward under the fence, but I just HATE to think a coyote did it...

But, realistically, cats won't eat already dead and stinking meat unless they are starving, and DOGS love to roll and wallow in them... Assuming coyotes have DOG-LIKE instincts, they are quite a bit tougher than I thought. As far as I know, we don't have any WILD dogs bigger than the local coyotes... as far as I know...:-(

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