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Meanwhile, indoors, the 72 delphinium seeds that were twice replaced when nothing sprouted now show some signs of little whiskers of plants.

Some balls have mold, but I'm pretty sure the rest have what will be plants. And with year-old seed I found in the back room in a box, unplanted. I bought them in late October last year, discounted, and when I got home, discovered it was too late at our latitude to expect them to survive outside.

This February, forgetting that I had seeds already on hand, I purchased more. I think they didn't grow because I had them under a north facing window, and the area was just too dark.

I set them on a box, higher, in between two windows, sort of in the way, then just be sure I don't carry fat things past, as the box they are balanced on is about half the size of the tray.

I'm excited! I've wanted Delphinium for years. They won't flower this year at all, but that's not a problem if I get them well-established. They are a perennial.

So far, next to the white skirting of the mobile home, I have yellow tulips (labeled PINK, of course) blue/gray bearded iris, miniature hyathesianths, pink tulips, and some tiny white fall blossoms that ALSO have stickers when they flower, which makes them a NO GO around the house, as I have to pick them out of my pants and socks all the time. Of course, they are VERY persistent...and TALL.

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