pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Skunk -- Episode #1492 or so, I'm sure...

I went out onto the porch with a pitcher of water to be sure the new plants are getting enough to drink. I decided to use the empty container to harvest the two little finger's fingernail sized strawberries, and several normal sized cherry tomatoes in the hanging basket hooked quite inelegantly to the arm of the bench.

The cats were scattered around, and I soon saw why... Madam skunk, twice as wide as when I last saw her, was in residence. I've got her semi-conditioned that if I slap my thighs and whoop. she trundles off the porch and generally heads around the corner, to resurface to see if I'm serious about my carryings-on. This time, since the yard grass is not being mowed by an expectant mother, and is nearly thigh high, she walked calmly down the boardwalk and crawled under my car. I needed to go in to work and get the last of the semester test grades on the computer, but I was NOT going to argue with her over the vehicle. I did not want to arrive perfumed, nor did I want my car to be doused. We did the Mexican stand-off bit for about 30 minutes before she went back down the driveway.

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