pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Caught Another Cheater

I guess catching the best athlete and the brightest kid in class cheating did not teach anyone else a THING by example. I came in from lunch and saw a girl stacking neatly in a pile then shoving into her book when she caught sight of me a sheet that should be just a single sheet.

"I'll take that," I said.

"It's mine."

"I understand that, but I am going to look at it."

She reluctantly handed me the sheet. I flipped it so that the second sheet showed, and, sure enough, there was a classmate's perfect paper hiding under it. (One trouble with individualized instructions, someone always has back a sheet others can make use of IF they are unethical... Telling them that no practice= no learning with a foreign language just seems to escape them. Experts say it takes the average person from 17-25 repetitions to be able to remember the meaning of a new word. So, by all means, DON'T activate your brain in pursuit of learning... expect it to leap from someone else's mind straight into yours.)

Great preparation for taking a semester final, right?

One week to go. Are we going to make it? Inquiring minds want to know.

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