pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mom's Birthday

Well, it's WEDNESDAY. For some reason, I thought Mom's weekly hair appointment was on THURSDAY. So, I blithely called. She was GONE. Had a LOVELY chat with MFG, but DID NOT sing to him...

Happy 154th BIRTHDAY... (and, if you believe that, I've got a bridge I'll let you buy, cheap... You'll have to go to Brooklyn to collect it, however...)

Oh, nobody knows what song I'll sing,
Oh, nobody knows what tune.
'Cause I make it up as I go along
Instead of howling at the moon.

No, that's not right. That would be L's in JUNE...

Oh, nobody knows what song I'll sing,
Oh, nobody knows whose birthday.
We've all grown so old nobody knows

Well, it ain't pretty poetry, Ray'll have to do that, but at least it sorta scans...

Yep, another BIRTHDAY DIRGE! The first, and still the best I don't know the real name of, but it is just great to try to put NON MOURNFUL LYRICS to.

Brings to mind the time I called all the relatives (before email), gave them a number, and told them to call mom and tell her they were # such and such and then I made up an OUTLANDISH number, like, 37, when she only has FOUR kids... Some poor devil (whose last name is NOT even HEINZ,) got 57! She later said it was her most memorable birthday, as nearly EVERYONE DID CALL... and apologized for NOT singing -- what a bunch of wimps! If mom can't carry a tune, how's she going to know if you did, or not? She'll just enjoy!

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