pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

"Let Your Little Light Shine" Department

My lj friend inkuwait (In Kuwait, yes, the country near Iraq) she who reports such exotic, unique and enticing things as traffic accidents with WILD CAMELS as a major road hazard, has written to me in "real" life, requesting that I post my Arabian web site in my lj...

"Real" friends (NOT the opposite of "imaginary", but "on-line". where we all go masked if we choose) well know that I am an expert at "horsing around", having received my first "real" birthday present (as opposed to "less significant") when I was 16: "permission" to BUY a horse, know that I still have 22 of the critters running around here, prime horse flesh with tons of athletic talent, a desire for human friendship, and some considerable attributes that garner them accolades when entered in horse shows or trail riding competitions wherever they have gone. Many of these friends have or used to have some horses with bloodlines from my herd in THEIR OWN back yards, farm fields or ranches.

I answered her at once, but the email came back. So, for the curious, here's the blurb:

Pandemonium Pintos & Arabians web site:
Since 1962

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