pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Kodak Moment Missed

Sunday, in the bright morning sunlight, a young deer (yearling?) appeared in the field right behind the LP tank. He/She was facing down the hill, head high, ears funneled up, nose quivering -- sun hitting him/her full on the side toward the house making me ache for a camera in my hand. Then he/she reversed and looked back over his/her shoulder down the hill at the herd.

I expect there was some type of interaction going on -- Arab tails up, snorts, I can only imagine, since I can't see out the end window and the living room window at the same time... So, I really have no idea what the herd did, but the deer's tail came up and he/she started toward the fence (4' with a board on top) and I moved closer, expecting to see a gorgeous leap.

Nope! The tail came up hard and he/she turned and ran parallel to the fence line down the hill out of sight. (Nice straight legs, too, I noticed, square rumped, and in good flesh. We had a pretty easy winter.)

I imagine that he/she took the red fence on the downhill slope, and was beautiful to behold, but some other eyes got that pleasure, not mine.
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