pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Spring Has Sprung

We're down to less than 45 days (exact count pending decision on what to do about Tuesday's snow day make-up). After being sick a week ago Friday, going back to school on Monday, which proved to be too soon, running a fever by day's end, and having it drop into bronchitis, I missed four days straight.

Spring's advent seems to have created a bit of restlessness in the natives. I told one entire group that if I ever got a complaint from a sub about one of them BY NAME again, it was an automatic detention. They know what they are here for; they know the classroom rules (the sub may or may NOT, no matter what I say or where I put it). Ultimately, THEY are responsible for their own learning and the positive effect it can produce in their lives. Sometimes that's a hard idea for a seventh grader to hang onto.

Needless to say, you can READ in the class again now, and most are functioning at some level. It's been a LOOONNG year, though.

Why is that? I seem to hear the intrepid among you ask, albiet (albeit according to lj spell check) exceedingly softly... Well:

Thurs. two weeks ago, I had a bout of what my doctor calls "immediacy"... "diarrhea" to the rest of us. I didn't get down the hall to the john before it struck 3 times. I put my undies, (rinsed out in what facility???) in the unused bag for tampon products, which I just STOLE. I whispered what had happened to the secretary and LEFT. She took over finding someone for 8th hour. I also then missed Fri. (couldn't get more than three feet from the BR safely all day.) I felt poorly all weekend, but by Mon. went back... and wound up with a fever and chills by 8 pm, most of the previous week's missed day/hour's work graded, at least, but not all entered in the grade book, which is on line and posts as soon as you hit "save." (IE if I make an error, it is a VERY PUBLIC one. I turned chicken and went home, deciding to do it when I felt better. Since I am highly dyslexic, and when stressed, it is worse, I took the safe route rather than enter a quarter grade wrong...)

Tuesday, I went to the doctor. I missed the rest of that whole week, because the whatever I had dropped into bronchitis. I started on a very strong antibiotic, and (a side effect was again, "immediacy"... )and came back THIS Monday, which was the first day of the new quarter. I'd been in Sunday from noon to 6 and got about half of the stuff taken care of. Grades were due at 9 a.m. that morning, so before school I went in to tell the principal I couldn't hope to meet that schedule. He lives in some dream world and thought that by 9 I could enter 8-10 incompletes and post the grades. By 11:15 that night, I had some sort of stuff posted, which had involved at least looking and posting that I'd looked at every sheet of paper the kids had turned in.

Tuesday, we had a snow day, and I loved it -- I got to recuperate! Wed. everyone did student's make up work (tons were sick, and one trip after another was scheduled. If all the kids were there in a class, I was amazed... I re-posted the grades. More kids got back from field trips/illnesses/or the head in the cloud syndrome that was only dispelled by viewing a several page printout of what is posted on line for them. MORE ERRORS were discovered. The subs SAID they did x, but some kids did not, instead doing y, z, AA, BB, CC, etc., all entered elsewhere in the grade book and untraceable. MORE error correction took place. I notified the secretary that I had an error in one top student's grade (an A student earned a D by lack of proper procedure, not doing her error correction, and turning in a TON of work in a push to correct all the sins indulged in during the quarter in that last week. Well, I caught up with them Monday, entered them, and she was on a field trip for three hours, including MY class time, so she didn't know what she'd done to herself... Wed. she somehow didn't twig to it. BUT THRUSDAY (which lj's spell check thinks ought to be spelled THURSDAY and I left in as a reminder of just how dyslexic I can be, as I read over the post before I hit spell check and DID NOT NOTICE IT), a printout put RIGHT into her hand by ME got her attention. We spent lunch together, then she came in 6th hour (5th, lunch and 6th all with lucky little old me...) and I spent about half of my prep 7th cleaning up what she'd created... told the secretary I was good to go, and emailed the grades down, directly into the computer and posted.

After school, back she comes. She DID NOT watch the movie, recording Spanish words she recognized from the sound track, as the sub had stated. Only ONE student of the three in Spanish that hour had watched. The other two worked in their packets... which the sub didn't notice... even though one is on the left hand side of the desk, and one off the left corner... So, both student's grades had a dock for not turning in that paper... a 20 point deal (normally too small an amount to make a difference.) Of COURSE it changed one of the girl's grades... OF COURSE!

So, as she left for the day, the secretary reassured me that she'd be REALLY running them sometime tomorrow morning (today's announcements said the cards would be distributed TODAY). Everyone on staff is in the same boat; some more teachers have been out two-three days this week, the gal across the hall went in at 7 am to have her child (no word by end of school... a worry), we ALL had tons of sick/excused field trip absences up the whazoo (more commonly spelled wazoo according to lj) to get graded and recorded for last quarter, and so it goes.

I am fixing, checking, redoing, transferring the hopeless to this quarter and will resubmit just prior to dropping from exhaustion this evening...


okay, sir, I read you loud and clear!

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