pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Outdoor Art Display Implemented (3/11/06)

Sturdy panels in sets of three are constructed. The material is heavy duty and will support a variety of artwork.

Cu was evidently successful with the tribal counsel. Now, I just hope the Indians posing for pictures remember to suggest the tourists stop to see the art work.

She wanders over. "That's the same kind of pins I've seen on metal horse corrals to allow them to be hooked and unhooked rapidly. But, to do it out of wood... You are really skilled."

"Fast move when rain," Bruno explains.

As fast as a panel is erected, framed art work appears. Carefully, the top and both sides are fastened. Despina spends considerable time admiring the pieces as they are placed, both from afar and close up. Glancing from the panels to the refirgerators blooming behind nearly every hovel, she smiles.

Time to suggest a big town TV station or Sunday Suplement writer bring his cameraman on the road. There's enough good quality work to make him a nice feature. No thirty second sound bite here. A little PR would insure sales or I'm no judge of art!

"Why so many hooks?"


I bet those artwork owners won't have to be told to get out here and cart the panels inside by nagging mothers or wives. The pride in their workmanship is obvious.

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