pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

From an All-Breed Chat

Arabian owner here. They are smart, sensitive, with stamina. They are bonders and often pleasers. Their stamina makes it difficult to "work" them down. They will not respond to abuse or heavy handedness, but can learn respect and actually seem to enjoy lessons. They do get bored quickly, - "If I know how, why do you keep making me do it over and over?"

They are quick, which can be intimidating. My best advice is to be calm and loving around them -- build confidence in them and respect for you by being fair and consistent. Definitely take the role of teacher.

They can be very demonstrative in their affection, which is extremely rewarding.

-- and my additions: Open a gate, to anywhere, and they will run in/out of it.

-- drive anything into the field they are in, and they will surround you to check out what you are/are bringing them to play with...

-- walk into their area with anything in your hand (a cracked gun, a fishing pole, your hat) and they will surround you and LICK IT (or you.)

-- put it in your pocket and they will try to pull it out.

So, after the fillies met and licked the doctor's and his friend's guns, the friend went back to the truck and waited for him to come back from walking my ravine.

When he came back with a pheasant's tail sticking out of his back pouch, one of the fillies grabbed it. Finally, my Irish setter got it and brought it to the front steps, where she laid it down and the friend retrieved it... (He's well-trained...)

When the same doctor tried to go fishing in the far pasture's pond, the fillies took his hat (which had all the lures in the hat band), his crewel, (with two fish in it), then his line (while he was chasing his hat). So he finally got all his stuff back, and the Irish setter, bird in sight, splashed into the pond, swam across, crawled out the far side, and ran on. He packed up and went home.

As he opened the gate, they dashed out into the front yard. He drove his truck through and went to the gate again, ready to close it. They dashed back in.

I wonder how rewarding he found his days off in idyllic, sunny, southern Iowa? He never said.

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