pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Hectic Friday

One group 2nd hour was to cook. They came prepared, sort of. The meat was all cooked together with the olives, peppers, onion, and in class, they added the tomatoes, more peppers, and THREE TABLESPOONS of chile powder, when it was supposed to be two teaspoons.

By the time they had turned diced tomatoes into tomato PASTE, there was 10 min. left of class. Using a teaspoon, they next began to dip the chicken goop into the heated soft large tortillas, fold them under, and put them in a pan (not greased, not sprayed.) The already warmed oven still had to go 25 min. before stuff was ready to eat. We had 5 min. left. So, we sprung the one in history by bribing the teacher with a plateful, and the others were in study hall.

BUT, my next class was 7th grade READING. The smell of the cooking drove the 7 boys and 2 girls wild. The dish comes up, and predictably, the chicken enchiladas STICK to the pan. It looked like the three Stooges were holding a meeting in the back of my room, and the junior highs LOVED it. The first plate came up, a boy sat, ate heartily for about seven bites... And was burned out. He told the rug rats they could clean his plate, got the extra forks out (I was giving the directions ONLY in Spanish) and a feeding frenzy began!) A second plate appeared on the next desk, and after three bites, the girl bowed out, pleading heartburn of the mouth. The junior highs moved EN MASS to the second plate and fed feverishly until only orange stains were left.

The last 10 minutes, we sort of had most people back to reading...

The next hour, five Spanish I students vied to be further along than the others... Intense! Today is the day they have to report their progress for the week.

Then a sixth hour student came in with the fifth hour English girls, watched a video that kept cracking her up, and the normal Spanish I student kept asking if she was supposed to be watching it, too. She wasn't that far along. The Russian girl who is adopted into one of our farm families needs one on one attention, but she was to leave at noon, 30 min. before the end of class. I reviewed the others, and they partnered up to tell each other a two minute story from their childhood that was something memorable. The other student was to use one or more of six behaviors that were signs of a poor listener. NOBODY could stay on their story. It took over 10 minutes to get two minutes of good story from all... (This is harder than it sounds...)

Over lunch, I got three milks, but skipped the food itself. The cheeseburger's cheese was NOT melted... The patties did not look like real beef, and the buns were sitting out unwrapped, which = hard topped, stale. The chocolate cake with pink icing was eminently missable, as well. I NEVER do their version of French fries.

I went into the teacher's work area with the secretaries, where they had a taco pizza. A huge chunk of yellow sheet cake was on the side, available for all comers. I took a small piece, and it was good, moist, etc. but after a few bites, I decided I didn't need that much lard and sugar.

So, I had a carton of milk for lunch.

Sixth hour was lined up three deep all hour, and two came in from 7th hour study hall on my prep period, plus the girl who failed reading last year, but has an A this time, and is reading the Star Wars series, telling me what happened daily, then writing the quizzes not already available.

Yesterday, we got four done in Rebirth, so she'd asked to come finish it 7th... (It is a town library book, and due today.) Well, while the two high schoolers did Spanish oral activities, I typed in the questions, and she proofread over my shoulder. Then I sent her to the office to call the library and renew the book. I couldn't get the two-three pages typed in to tell the reading level, nor get the book's word count done.

Eighth hour, another two girls from sixth hour showed up, then a boy from fourth, and the line was from 2-5 at a time. After school, one girl still stayed and finished the exercise...

I feel as if I've put in 20 non-stop hours.

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