pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

More Gas

Well, I gassed up at $2.43.9 and the next day, it dropped to $2.41.9 and held for two days, then jumped to $2.55.9, and the next day, to $2.65.9, where it held until yesterday. Now it is back to $2.55.9... Stations should be allowed to change prices like that WHEN new, more expensive tank-loads are delivered, not beforehand. This is insanity. How can schools and businesses possibly plan? Our little school has the second longest bus route in the state. We are RURAL, which means, people are on farms, not in town.

Generally, when the sports teams go off, so do carloads of people. I came home yesterday just as the junior high team bus returned from Russel, our nearest rival, and was depressed to count TWO vehicles trailing the bus... Normally, 10-15 would be tagging along. Depressing.
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