pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

For Thirty Dollars...

Great minds travel in the same channels, so the old adage goes. But under normal conditions, my mom's thought processes generally remain murky to me, but for once we are walking in lock step, even though she can't access my journal, which pre-Katrina, she read regularly.

Since G. has been having to call around various places, always seeming to end up on "hold", with the result that both his even temper and his cell phone minutes were being eroded endlessly and for naught. He would call FEMA, and be put on hold. He called Sears FIVE times to check on the delivery date of their new refrigerator, ending up on hold each time. Finally, at 8p.m. last night, it arrived.

Mom decided to add 300 minutes to her cell phone for $30 dollars for a month. G. also noticed that when my sister called them last night, his cell phone minutes DID NOT DECREASE. That's great news!

Mom allowed 10 minutes for her normal 30-60 minute phone call each Saturday. She told me the time limit when she first got me on the line. When she told me about the added minutes, I said, "But, Mom, you won't have phone service in 30 days!"

In a subdued voice, she said, "I know," then went on to tell me about the no decrease in cell phone minutes.

As we reached her 10 minute limit, I said, "I'll call YOU back!" feeling magnanimous.

"No. I have to go out now to get something to put IN the refrigerator." She always goes out early because of the heat.

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