pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Ups and Downs (Guess I'd Better Wear Glasses While Typing, Huh?)

This week saw our highest gas price ever for the top price, the unsubsidized, non-corn based gas that had rocketed to $3.08 a gallon, begin to descend.

I use the ethanol, which has a higher octane, burns cleaner, and at least here in Iowa, is generally 2-4 cents cheaper. It had reached $2.98, unheard of in a corn-producing state! I wonder if we have a refinery for it, since we're so close to the additive...

On Monday, I think it was, ethanol dropped to $2.84. Two days later, it hit $2.77. By Thursday, it was $2.64, where it remained Friday morning. I was below the 3/4 full mark, and generally fill at 1/2, and since I went to Centerville Thursday, Friday morning, I was barely above half. I decided I'd fill that night.

But I was at school fighting with my on line lesson plans yet again when it got to be 10:00, and I was just too tired to do it. As I drove by, I noticed that gas had again dropped, to $2.58 for ethanol, and $3.77 for the "regular" gas, which is NOT regular, but has some other, less healthy for the environment, additive. (I know this because J. bought some for his chain saw, even though the instruction manuel clearly cautions him to use regular, as the additives will CLOG up the engine on his chain saw. It did, and the fellow who had to clean it for him under warranty was FURIOUS with him. Said J. in his defense, "I didn't know it had an additive!"

Live and learn. If it clogs a chain saw, what is it doing to other things?
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