pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Sunday Surprise

So, I thought, nothing big happening tomorrow -- laundry, dishes, hair, body all due to get washed... It won't matter if I just finish this book I'm reading. So, I read 'til 2 a.m.

And bright and early, the PHONE RANG. Mom again, (?) with the only guy who has one working gone for 10 days? This must be a dream. A pleasant one... I get to hear Mom's voice again. L. came back and is letting her make a quick call -- one of his buddies needed some help, so they all went down and lent a hand, and are now really heading off. L. does environmental consulting work, so OF COURSE he's running all over! (No wonder he knew how to get Mom's electricity on...)

Mom also said she got her first mail delivery Sat., but that it was spotty. I tried to ask if it was going to be a regular daily thing now, or just every once in a while, but the phone broke up so much she couldn't hear me. She might have been walking over to L. to hand it back... I don't know.

And the (good???) word is, a date for the resumption of phone service has been spoken. NOV. 6th! I'm surprised whatever company L.'s mom's cell phone is with isn't bombarded with more new customers than they could possibly handle... Or maybe he's got emergency access or somesuch because of his job. (My speculation, not anything anyone has said. I think everyone's pretty much in the same boat -- but some are rowing and some are shooting.)

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