pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Price Gouging

"No price gouging," says President Bush.

But, Monday, my economical little car hit empty. I'd last filled in late July at a Hy Vee store in Indianola that offered 20¢ off per gallon with a purchase of $100. Both my neighbor and I, who'd traveled together to Des Moines, shopped at the super store, and between us, our totals rounded UP to just over that. I put 6 gallons in, at $1.89.9, even though I was nowhere near empty. The car was then parked until the first day of school, August 22nd, other than essential doctor and vet visits to the closest place offering those services.

Seymour is known as the mecca of low priced gas in south central Iowa. Gas had dropped several days before I had to fill -- at $2.44.9. As I drove by the next day, gas was $2.55.9. The next afternoon, it had jumped to $2.75.9, WITHOUT a new tanker bringing in more gas. By the next afternoon, it was $2.89.9, again WITHOUT more gas being delivered. Friday after school, when we got out early for Labor Day, the cheapest gas was $2.98...

So, who's enforcing the "no price gouging" statement? Rhetoric is nice, but not real effective.

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