pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


J. brought Crem and Fleur back from "30 days" training today, and as I was looking Crem over, he said, "Check out her bag. When Awsom looked like that, she foaled within two months."

We caught up Mocha and Pride. Well, would you believe, Crem's full sister Mocha ALSO has a bag? In fact, she looks a bit further along than Crem, bag development-wise. Both are maiden mares and plenty old enough to be foaling... I just don't like having foals so late in the year.

So, now we hunt through last year's calendar to see if I am just not remembering any escapes prior to the Thanksgiving stuff. At least that was Debut, who is a half brother to their dam, not their half brother like Omyno is.
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