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Leanna's Mother Visits (6/7/06) SOTFW-MF

Before the summer is over, Rachel, Leanna's mother, visits Cido's mansion in D.C., where she meets Alan Reid, a bald 'Battie', and plans to marry him.

Ragnar catches her alone in the upper hallway. "So, you think it's Alan for you permanently? Hum... He's 72, you're what? 60? That's quite a gap."

"That's not 'a gap' -- that's my business, my life, my future happiness, my decision, made with him, after all due consideration. You are simply Despina's ex, I THINK."

"You've always seemed so mellow and patient. For the first time, I can see where Dee gets some of her fire."

"Her nickname is Pina, not Dee. She'd cut you off at the knees if she heard you call her 'Dee'! As far as I can see, the only good thing she got out of her misguided marriage to you was that you and that hulking Tore fellow rescued her from the clutches of that Harem Hustler Omar."

"Well, I can't seem to say anything right to you today, and here I've spent my entire adult life being considered by my Queen to be her top diplomat."

"That's totally unbelievable. You're one of the rudest men I've ever met. I don't have to wonder why you're an 'ex', not a husband."

"Be that as it may, I think you need a second opinion on Alan. The way I see it, the structure is basically sound, the furnace still works, and the pipes are still good. May need a little shoring up here and there a bit, and definitely needs to be re-thatched."

Eying Ragnar's full head of luxurious black hair, Rachel, who repeatedly grabs Alan by the ears to tip his head down low enough for her lips to reach his bald spot, or walks by a seated Alan and pecks him from behind right on his bald spot, has quite a reaction to the "thatch job" comment. Wrinkling her face, she ejects, "Blech! Imagine kissing fresh thatch!" She pushes past him, storming down the hall to the wide sweep of curving stair well.

"Blech?" inquires Adám as she passes, noting the red spots anger has added to her normally pale face. "The indominable Viking strikes again."

Last edited 6/7/06 (added comment about rescuing Despina from Omar).
Tags: sotfw-mf
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