pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Varoom! And Company

J.s mother N. is a horse person, as well as a teacher, so when she came over this afternoon, before she came in, she had to pet Coqet, who was dutifully stamping in her post beside the rail to the front porch.

The last thing she did was ask if she could use the bathroom (not surprising, the way we were guzzling down ice water). Soon I hear a faint voice, "Do you have any more toilet paper?"

Well, as a matter of fact, I did -- a whole huge pack -- out in the car. I went to the opposite end of the trailer, grabbing one of the two rolls still under the sink in the master bathroom, then passing it to her.

I bought that paper over a week ago, but just never got around to bringing it in. I didn't really need it yet -- I still had two rolls. While I was thinking about it, I went on out and got it, starting the water in the wheelbarrow for the fifth or sixth time today (115 "feels like" index). Coqet was talking to me, and Corvet was right by her tail, head up.

I'd told N. how he "Varoom"'s off, and when I picked up the pack of paper, his tail flagged up and he did his "White tail deer leaving scene" imitation. I squeezed the pack of 16 rolls to my chest. Oh, how he bounced.

Then Coqet did her "I can stand on the hose" pose, and the water shot up in enough places to look like a sprinkler hose. Varoom! went Corvet, and Coqet got into the act, too. They popped through the pasture gate and fled around behind the house (where there's another, 300 gallon water tank.) We doubled over laughing at them, glad the heat was letting up some, and N. took my library book from my other hand and pulled out.

The sound of her car brought Coqet and Corvet, still in VAROOM! mode, back around. Ketty came to me, but he was popping all over the yard.

Did I have the video camera with me this time? Heck, no! I might actually get some good footage that way.

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