pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

One Good Slap

Today as I ran the water in the wheelbarrow, I was idly slapping the inch-2" long black horse flies and 1/2" to 1" long green biting sweat bees off Coqet's neck and back. Sometimes it took two or three misses before I'd nail the pesky critters. Once one lit on the trailer and I swatted the siding, too. She never moved anything but her tail, but My Corvet took off at each separate slap at first.

Finally, when mom just did not react at all, he crept back close, ears up, poised for flight. One huge horse fly gave up on Coqet and took after him. I would have slapped it, but he's just not QUITE that laid back, yet.

He's quit being afraid of a spurting hose lying in the wheelbarrow, and while it was running, he gave up jumping back from the swats and began to play in the water, drinking, then splashing, until Coqet came over and I was there, still swatting. He stood with his face in the area swished by her tail at first, but when his mom stood two feet square on the hose, which has numerous holes in it from the ravages of various winters, the water got enough pressure to spurt colt-belly high instead of dribbling slowly into the dry soil in a still-grassy area.

ATTACK FROM BELOW, his eyes signaled as he exploded... Mama didn't move. It was over 90 degrees, and she's not into antics any more like she was when he was younger and could run her all over by taking off in alarm.

Ha, the look on his face was PRICELESS, and the leap was straight up before he got into "away" mode, but I was sans camera, again. He must think my arms are 10 miles long each!

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