pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Perils of Yard Horses

It's all I.K.'s fault! When she visited, she brought along two packs of iced oatmeal cookies -- for the horses. Nothing would do but that Coqet and Omyno eat them. (They're the only two here who know how.)

Before the advent of the fatal cookies, Coqet was prone to stand in the corner of the yard closest to the herd, and had worn all the grass off in an area slightly bigger than her body and the colt's. A path ran from that corner around to the back of the trailer, and along the front of the pasture gate to the driveway. A slightly worn area of grass marked the resident spot of the deep wheelbarrow I keep full of water for the outdoor cats in warm weather. This amount of yard gone was not bad, and not highly noticable.

I. called Kettie over to feed her a cookie. Soon, she was standing in front of the dog house, where a rug scrap is spread to prevent mud. She gleefully ate cookies from that side until I. left, then moved to the door side of the porch.

First, she (or more likely, My Corvet, her colt) took down the loops of electric wire. Then the hose end went down, where Coqet stamped it flat while stomping at files. Next, someone ate the blossom and bloom of the rose bush. The irises in the raised hill disappeared. The top of the rose bush met its demise. Miscelleanous bits of white clover, lespedisia (a pretty drought grass with a lovely yellow flower, now in full bloom), and several types of grass that sprinkled the yard slowly gave way beneath their feet. The lavender grew shorter and shorter. The rose bush lost its last thorny stem clear down to ground level. Now from the door out about 10' along the entire length of the porch is bare, dry soil. The tub of flower seeds the kittens were using as kitty litter began to be pushed into odd forms. I caught Corvet chewing on the last sack of potting soil, and when he left, a fist-sized hole had showed up.

Now, driving up, the first thing people see is the big bare area. If Coqet and Corvet are standing in it, nothing seems odd, but if they're off eating or are in some other area, it really causes wonder. Yes, we are having a drought, but that's not the way the rest of the areas look, so it sticks out.

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