pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


He said that that that that that boy used was wrong.

Back to the tricks of my old 8th grade English teacher. If you read it with the proper inflection, (It is NOT punctuated properly to help you do it...) the sentence makes perfect sense. Why did I think of it now?

Nora Roberts in Dual Image on page 319 of Truly, Madly Manhattan created one of "those" types of sentences, in fact, she's so enamored of that terrible structure that she REPEATS IT at the start of the next paragraph. Generally, I enjoy her writing, but she does kick out a pretty high number of things, and not all of them are well-edited.

"It was that that touched every aspect of her, that promised to...

And it was that that had him..." (italics mine). A simple switch to which would have cleaned it all up tremendously, to my way of thinking.

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