pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Search Engines Stalled Out

Well, the Masefield piece was a piece of cake, but RLS only has a listing of his BOOKS on line, and some current group wrote some naughty lyrics to some of the quotes I could remember from his song about the vagabond...

And I enjoyed reading about Knight's life and times, could find the Albany record company stuff, and the title piece from the new CD WHERE THE SUNSETS BLEED, two pieces of it (not near as interesting to me as "Lost Luggage", and a lot of information about the title track:      
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1994)
Premiere: 3 September 1994
Beauvais, France
Jacques Berneart and John Ferguson
Duration: 21'
(The piece is 21 FEET long???) but not a mention of the Lost Luggage piece other than a mention of marimba as instrumentation on something, but not even a way of being sure it was the SAME marimba piece... he could have done more than one, I would think.)

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